Is Steve DiSchiavi Currently Married? A Look Into His Marital Life

Is Steve DiSchiavi Currently Married? A Look Into His Marital Life DiSchiavi stands out as a former NYPD homicide detective and a prominent figure on the Travel Channel’s paranormal series, “The Dead Files.” A question often asked about his personal life is, “is Steve DiSchiavi married?” Let’s delve into this matter.

Is Steve DiSchiavi Currently Married? A Look Into His Marital Life
Is Steve DiSchiavi Currently Married? A Look Into His Marital Life

Steve DiSchiavi, with his years of experience as an NYPD detective, has carved a niche for himself on the popular paranormal series, “The Dead Files.” While his professional life remains in the limelight, his personal life, specifically his marital status, has garnered significant curiosity.

Summary of is Steve DiSchiavi Married

Aspect Details
Current Marital Status Married to Simone DiSchiavi
Previous Marriage Married to Angela, divorced in 2015
Proposal Date to Simone February 12, 2021
Marriage Date to Simone December 2021
Known Children Two children from his marriage with Angela
Additional Info Steve and Simone have a joint Instagram account

Steve DiSchiavi’s Marital History

Steve’s journey in matrimony has seen two significant relationships. His first marriage was to a lady named Angela. Together, they had the joy of parenthood with two children. However, specific details about their union remain elusive, and their journey together ended in 2015.

Steve DiSchiavi’s Current Marriage

Fast forward to recent events, Steve found love once again. This time with Simone DiSchiavi. Their romantic story saw Steve proposing to Simone on February 12, 2021, a heartfelt gesture just two days shy of Valentine’s Day. The couple exchanged vows and solidified their union in December 2021.

Divorce from Angela

Diving deeper into Steve’s past, his divorce from Angela was finalized in 2015. While the reasons remain private, Steve moved forward, eventually finding love and companionship with Simone, whom he married in December 2021.

Additional Information

It’s clear that as of now, Steve DiSchiavi is happily married to Simone DiSchiavi. Their bond was further confirmed with Steve’s romantic proposal on February 12, 2021. For those intrigued by their relationship dynamics, both have a shared Instagram account with a substantial follower count, indicating their public display of unity and love.


In conclusion, Steve DiSchiavi’s current marital status is married, with his wife being Simone DiSchiavi. Their love story, from a heartfelt proposal to their marriage in December 2021, is a testament to finding love again. For fans and curious minds alike, one can find more about Steve and his intriguing work on “The Dead Files” by tuning into the Travel Channel.

Q: When did Steve propose to Simone?
A: Steve proposed to Simone on February 12, 2021.

Q: How many times has Steve been married?
A: Steve has been married twice.

Q: Who is Steve’s current wife?
A: Steve’s current wife is Simone DiSchiavi.

Q: When did Steve and Angela divorce?
A: They divorced in 2015.

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